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Panda Helper is an third party app store which is very well compatible with both Android and iOS devices. PandaHelper brings Mods & Cheats & Hacked Games.

panda helper

panda helper

Panda Helper To Get Free Mods, Cheats & Games

For the past few years the android device users and the iOS device users got only a limited opportunity to use apps as they were given the chance to use only the apps that were available in the google play store and the apple app store. With the introduction of third party app stores the users got the chance to download and install a vast amount of apps and tweaks through them to their devices. Though there are lot of third party app stores most of them have a limited access or most of them are not compatible with all devices. but now in this article we take great pleasure in introducing you the most beneficial third party app store which is compatible with all kinds of devices such as android, iOS, Windows and Mac PC. Its none other than the Panda Helper!

Introduction to Panda Helper

The app “Panda Helper” is an amazing third party app store which is very well compatible with both android and iOS devices , windows and mac pcs and amazon firestick. The Panda helper was initially designed for the ios devices but later the developers designed it to android devices too. Panda helper free download consists of a vast category of apps, tweaked apps and games with lot of additional facilities. Most importantly panda helper app is a completely freeware application where you are given the chance to download and install all kinds of paid apps for free for your ios and android devices without paying any money. Moreover many Cydia tweaked apps that do not require any root access are available in the panda helper app store. Furthermore the specialty of panda helper app is that you don’t need to do jailbreaking to your device to install the panda helper iPhone. So if you were worried about installing apps by paying money Panda helper for free app is the best solution for you where you get the chance to download all kinds of apps and games, screen recorders emulators tweaks and many more varieties for free to your ios and android devices.

Panda helper app consists of a vast category of apps and as a result all the apps and games are classified in to four categories.

  • Play store or apple app store apps: iOS and Android apps.
  • Exclusive apps/ apps that are not available in the app store or google play store: unofficial tweak apps and games.
  • modified apps: modified versions of original apps with additional features.
  • modified games: mostly used games like Pokémon.

Features of Panda Helper VIP App

  • Panda Helper VIP app store is a free version from where the users can download and install all kinds of apps and also paid third party apps for free of charge. So now you don't need to waste your valuable money for various apps and games because now you have Panda helper free version.
  • Another specialty is that you need not to root your android device or need not to do jailbreaking your iOS device to install the panda helper app store to your android or iOS device. The benefit of not rooting your jailbreaking your device is that you will not loose your device warranty. Thus Panda helper is the best version to install if you want an app store for the use of downloading tweaks and many other unofficial apps and games.
  • Panda helper VIP version offers you with lot of apps , tweaks games with additional features and content for to experience by installing it to iPhone ,iPad, android device , your pc or your smart TV.
  • Panda helper app also consists of a download manager from which you are given the opportunity to track and manage all your downloads.
  • The devices that panda helper app installer support range from iOS 8 to iOS 15.1 for iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices , while Android 4.0 to Android 8.1 for Android appliances.
  • External IPA files and APK files are allowed to be installed through the panda helper install.
  • The interface of the pandahelper app is as similar as the other official app stores with the user friendly interface where you can easily download any app tweaks , apps or any game easily.
  • The panda helper download is the fastest third party app store vip version when considering other third party app installer version. it is important to emphasize that the panda helper ios download and android version is available with a large amount of apps, tweaks and games that are not available in the official stores like google and apple.
  • Even though you are a beginner you will not face any trouble while downloading apps and tweaks as it is very easy to use panda helper app when comparing to other exclusive helper apps.
  • The panda helper VIP app brings you more additional features than the regular panda helper.
  • Another specialty of the panda helper app is that when you are updating mod apps in android appliances you are asked to uninstall the current version and install the latest updated version of the app that you want but in the panda helper iOS and android app store you are allowed to update the app directly without uninstalling the current app version.

Panda Helper Download

You can download latest Panda Helper APK here. 100% Malware Free!


Download the App Panda Helper on Android

The panda helper apk version is the android version of the panda helper app. Panda helper is supported by all android smartphones , tablets from 4.0 to 8.1 category. Not like other third party app stores that are available for android , panda helper has a specialty , that is you are not asked to root your android device in order to get the pandahelper app to your device. therefore it will be great pleasure to that as you will not loose your device warranty though you install pandahelper app. Thus it is visible that you will be able to install a vast range of apps and games through the helper panda apk android app version if you download this amazing app to your device.

How to Download Panda Helper APK Android

Before installing panda helper app to your android phone you must enable unknown sources option in your phone because an error message will appear when you install the panda helper app if you do not enable the unknown sources option. so here are the steps to download panda helper to your android phone.

Step 01: go to the security section from your android settings , and then to more settings , security section then enable unknown sources from there.

Step 2: search for panda helper download on a reliable website and click to download the apk file to your phone.

Step 3: when the download is completed , go to your downloads and tap on the panda helper app icon to install.

panda helper

Step 4: then some instructions will appear on the home screen. you have to follow those instructions to complete the installation process. then after few seconds the app icon will be visible on your home screen.

panda helper

Panda Helper VIP iOS

Panda helper iOS is the iOS version of panda helper where you are able to install the panda helper app to your iPhone and other iOS appliances from which you can download any third party app or game. The importance of panda helper iOS is that you don’t need to jailbreak your idevice to install panda helper. so you will be able to protect your device warranty too if you use panda helper ios version. all idevice users are aware of the cydia app installer from which a lot of idevice users have been installing third party apps. but people face a great problem when installing through the cydia store as you need to do jailbreaking to your idevice in order to install the cydia app and thus you loose your idevice warranty. so now it is proven that panda helper app is a great alternative to the cydia app store with the additional features that you will get to experience through the panda helper app more than the features you will get from the cydia app store.

How to Download Panda Helper iOS

Step 1: go to the panda helper ios safari website and click on the install panda helper button in the safari website.

Step 2: tap on install button again for the settings to open

Step 3: then click on install , next and then done for the installation process to finish. you must wait for some time

Step 4: the panda helper app icon will then seen in your device’s home screen.

Step 5: when you try to open the app for the first time an untrusted developer error message will appear.

Step 6: to fix that error go to your ios settings section then the general section and you will be directed to the profiles section. find the name of the developer and click on the name.

Step 7: after you trust the application you will be able to see the panda helper app on your iphone or any other idevice.

panda helper ios

How to Use Panda Helper

The way in using the panda helper app is a bit different from the way in using other app stores. here are steps to use it correctly.

  • After you install the panda helper app store on your android or iphone you can open it by clicking on the app that is visible on your screen.
  • The search box will help you in finding any app game or tweaks in the app store.
  • To install any app or game you must click on the search result that will appear on the search bar.
  • You will be provided the instructions about the way to install the particular helper panda app so that following those instructions will lead the app or game to be installed in to your iphone or any other appliance.

Panda Helper for PC

The app developers primarily created the panda helper only for idevice users but with the march of time android users and also pc users were given the chance to use helper panda app. so all mac pcs and windows pcs were allowed to install panda helper with the help of an android emulator.

panda helper pc

How to install Panda Helper on PC

Step 1: you must first download a good android the emulator for your pc. (ex; nox app player)

Step 2: then tap on the panda helper pc download button and save the file to your pc.

Step 3: then double click on the saved file.

Step 4: then the panda helper app will be installed from the android emulator that you downloaded by opening with the nox player.

panda helper pc

Step 5: wait for some time and panda helper on PC will be downloaded and you will be able to see the app on your screen.

panda helper pc

How to work with Panda Helper on PC

  • First open the emulator app in your PC.
  • Then find the panda helper app and click on the panda helper icon.
  • Then the panda helper app will be opened and you search and find any app or game that you want.
  • To download any app or game you must click on the download option and the app will be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panda Helper

  • Is panda helper illegal?

    • No, panda helper is legal because it doesn’t ask for any permissions like app certificate, any account, email any apple id to install apps like in other exclusive helper apps. moreover if you use cydia sometimes your appliances get hacked but in this app you will not face any issue like that. so this app store is 100% legal and will not expose your privacy.

  • Is Panda helper 2021 safe to use?

    • Yes , panda helper is safe to use on your appliance. The developers have tested the app and have made sure that it is safe to use as it doesn’t contain any malware and also contain bug fixes , so that you don’t need to worry about anything in using the app and you can download any app that you want to use. But it is also recommended by the developers to use a VPN on your appliance in downloading third party apps to give more protection to your phone.

  • Is panda helper a virus?

    • No, panda helper is 100 virus free. There are many app stores that people find which contain harmful apps but in panda helper the app developers have made sure that you wont find any virus or harmful content. So that a user can install any app or game that you want to use through this app store.

      To conclude, panda helper panda helper third party apps store is an amazing store where you get the chance to download apps, games, screen recorders , tweaks and many other content with a lot of additional features. The developers have designed this store in an advanced manner by including many new features thus this panda helper panda helper store provides us with a large area of content to choose. Therefore downloading this fabulous store will give you an extra experience and enjoyment.